If you missed last night’s Lix and Kix featuring Steven B. Smith and Kathy Ireland Smith on the courtyard at Visible Voice Books in Cleveland, you missed one of the best events of this poetry packed month of May on Ohio’s north coast.  Thanks to all who came out and made it a fanfuckingtastic night, especially the Smiths!  Here are a few of my photos.  More will be coming soon to a blog and/or Facebook album near you.  Video highlights will appear as soon as humanly possible in my Crisis Chronicles Online Library and on Ken Kitt’s PoetryVidz YouTube channel.

Steven B. Smith

PoetryVidz in the making

Kathy Ireland Smith

Marc Mannheimer

Geri Lynne Burroughs

Steve Goldberg

Jim Lang

Christina Brooks

Lix & Kix disco ball

Jen Pezzo and Dianne Borsenik

Debbie Goings

John Burroughs

Christopher Franke

Smith table

Vertigo Xi’an Xavier

Kimberley Diamond Bones

Kathy Ireland Smith

Dianne Borsenik

Ken Kitt

Kathy, me, Dianne, and Smith [photo by Christina Brooks]

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www.walkingthinice.com – one of my favorite blogs
www.thecitypoetry.com – hot zine straight outta Cleveland

Thank you!