It can cause folks to like or dislike you.  It can make your career or make people weary – and sometimes both at the same time.  Promote your work too little and folks might think you lack confidence or commitment.  Promote it too much and folks might consider you an egomaniac.    

Is all art self promotion of a sort?

Is self promotion inherently good or bad?  And if it depends, where do you draw the line?

Do we sometimes use self-deprecation, consciously or subconsciously, to promote ourselves?  

Can we at least say writing a poem or posting a blog is a form of self promotion (unless, perhaps, we do it anonymously)?

Might reading a book, eating a meal, and taking care of one’s health be forms of self promotion as well?

What if I promote my blog showing off other people’s talents? Does that qualify as self promotion or other people promotion?

And what if some of our self promotion is self destructive?  Does it still count as promotion?

I have more questions than answers.  But while I continue to ponder, I encourage you to leave your own thoughts on self promotion below.

self-portrait at the Coventry Library in Cleveland Heights on 10 May 2009