This morning I stumbled across a list of one person’s Top 100 Poetry Blogs.  It includes a few blogs I visit semi-regularly and might include on my own top 100 list; but it excludes a couple dozen of my favorite poetry blogs, and I’m totally unfamiliar with most of the blogs it lists.  The site’s URL suggests that this might be an old list (from 2005).  Still, it’s new and interesting to me and might be the same to some of you.  Here’s the link:

The other day, when I posted my Cleveland Street Scenes blog, I also took a few photos of our dogs:




Finally, I recently rediscovered a rather embarrassing poem of mine that was published in the Spring 1988 issue of Images, published by Lorain County Community College.  Funny thing – the publication is actually very nicely done.  I love the overall design, find the art and photography in it to be mostly excellent, and the poetry not bad at all – except the piece I wrote.  Who knows why they published it?  Anyway, feel free to throw what you like at your computer screen because here it is:


The flakes descend upon my windowsill
I am refreshed
The night sky peaceful, yet at times ominous
This is one of those times
I hear a distant whistle through my dream
And wonder what the train of fate will deliver
I feel somewhat subdued
Loneliness and I have quite a tie together
I turn to the black and white portable on the mantle
The rabbit outwits the hunter
I begin to feel hunted
The snow has ceased to fall
Melancholy handcuffs me to the medicine cabinet
I need not to think of the past
I can’t help it
Oh good!  Valium left over from my surgery!
Just enough
I have to forget
Now on my windowsill falls a dreary rain
Myself I drown
I feel kinda sleepy

        –John Brian Burroughs, spring 1988