Yesterday evening I was quite surprised to learn my Facebook friend and fellow poet Don Coorough of Arizona had bestowed the Kreativ Blogger award on seven blogs and my Crisis Chronicles Online Library was one of them!  I dig his Shoreline Driftwood blog, too, and encourage you to check it out here:

The way the award works is I’m supposed to list seven things I love and then bestow my own Kreativ Blogger award on seven blogs.  Then whoever receives the award can do the same (if he or she desires).  I’m tempted to pick my best friends’ blogs – the usual suspects I’ve already mentioned either here or on the online library at some point (you know who you are).  But I think instead I’ll mix it up a bit – pick seven blogs I like but don’t believe I’ve ever “pimped” online before today.

First, here are seven things you might not know I love:

Guinea pigs – before I went to the nether lands in 1993, they were the only pets I cared to have
Plymouths – even though Ford paid Dad’s bills while I grew up
Skechers shoes – for when I’m not wearing boots or sandals
West Virginia – where I was born (they call it almost heaven)
Alaskan king crab – could probably go without eating anything else forever
Juneau, Alaska – though I have yet to make it there, I’ve always yearned
Civil War battlefields – though I consider myself an extreme pacifist

And here are seven blogs you might not know I dig:

Cleveland Tapes – by r.a. washington (
Zinta’s Reviews – by Zinta Aistars (
Poems and Poetics – by Jerome Rothenberg (
Silliman’s Blog – by Ron Silliman (
Arroyo Chamisa – by Alex Gildzen (
X Poetics – by the editors of Lipstick Eleven (
Kuća od stakla – by Tatjana Debeljački ( – who recently published my Maiku

I could list a whole lot more I like as well, but I’ll stick to the rule of 7.