On May 8th, 9th and 10th, I had the opportunity to be attend and participate in Tres Versing the Panda, a three day poetry soiree sponsored by Green Panda Press in conjunction with The Temple, Inc. and a host of cool Cleveland-area spots like The Lit, Mac’s Backs, the Coventry Library, the Barking Spider Tavern, and Robert Banks‘ studio.  I filmed a great deal of the weekend and took a lot of still photos.  You can see my photos in several albums on my Facebook site.  And I’ve begun posting video clips in the Crisis Chronicles Online Library.  (Click here to see what’s been posted so far.)

Here’s one I’ll be adding to the Library soon – featuring Ray McNiece and his Tongue-in-Groove band performing Ray’s “Love Song for Cleveland” at The Lit on Saturday May 9th, 2009.

Love Song for Cleveland by Ray McNiece & Tongue-in-Groove

Two clips I’ve added to the Online Library already are Eighteen (by Cleveland poet, musician, and multimedia artist r.a. washington) and The Wild Dog Distinguished Service Cross (by literary legend Charles Potts of Walla Walla, Washington).  Check ’em out.  And look for much more soon at http://library.crisischronicles.com.

I read a few poems (John Cage Engaged and Uncaged, Allen Ginsberg Sucks, and Identity Crisis) on May 9th at The Lit as well.  Because I was running out of space on my video camera’s built-in hard drive, I didn’t film my own performance.  I figured you could hear me anytime, anyway.  But a friend picked up my camera during my reading and captured a fragment of my Cage poem – which I didn’t discover until a couple of weeks later when I began to sift through my footage.  For curiosity’s sake, here’s that clip as well: