piss on it
I’m finally over my hellish cold and beginning to get caught up.  Friday night we kept the grandkids.  Saturday we went to Toledo for a poetry reading slash going away party for John Dorsey, who’s now moved out west (photos and videos will be appearing eventually).  The Cleveland Cavs shot their best season ever down the pisser (making way for base balls?).  Sunday I finally had enough energy again to catch up on some yard work.  Geri’s son David and his family visted us briefly.  Our roofer’s almost done, too, after banging above us for nearly two weeks.  Last night, we watched the film Frost/Nixon (which I highly recommend).  And today I caught up on a bit of housekeeping and added about 20 more of Plato’s Dialogues to the Online Library.  I also created a Tres Versing the Panda category there, to make it easier to find videos from that festival (I’ll be posting more soon).  And I’m still working on the first issue of Fuck Poetry.  Meanwhile, these are more photos I took on Cleveland Street in Elyria during my 24 May bike ride.

Peace and poetry,

intersection of Cleveland and Olive

what’s a cav, anyway?

sign of the times?

pre-cold housecleaning self portrait