Huge oak cabinet console TV
With a broken screen
Sits on the tree lawn
In front of my Cleveland Street house

Took four would be macho men
To get it up the porch stairs and into the living room
Took one might be mouse of a man
With a hand from his wife
To push it out and off
Then down the sidewalk to the curb

She he it
Three major net works
At least one of them 
Less high than deaf

Same sidewalk the neighbors’ Blazer
Sat blocking today when the police came
Told them to move it
While one of them with an outstanding warrant
Fled out the back basement door
Stumbled his way to a fence behind the house
And barely made it

I in my driveway felt claustrophobic
Not just
Because of the cop car
Blocking my innocent exit

Huge oak cabinet console TV
Been around since at least the early nineties
Til rendered nearly irreparable by rash circumstance
Still feeling mightier than the newer sets
Ahead of its time once
But now more than a decade behind
Wondering if it’s obsolete
Or if there’s a chance
It’s just
Less high than deaf
Eyes been aching
To be rid of this console
For a long bit
And the wife’s been aching
For a lighter flatter model
For at least as long

So now it’s out on the tree lawn
And even the garbage men don’t care
To pick it up

Nearly everyone who passes down
Our busybody street pauses to stare at it
Assess its worth or lack thereof and then move on

I dreamt last night 
A strong insightful
Someone stopped
Saw value in our tree lawn trash
Tried her best to push it home
From the end of this claustrophobic driveway
Convinced she could restore it

But I awoke to find
The huge oak cabin net con soul
Remains by the road at the edge
Of this Cleveland Street property
Waiting to be garbage picked
Arrested and destroyed

Not necessarily wanting
To be the center of attention again
But waiting to be anywhere 
Anywhere near
That lighter flatter high deaf model
It hears clearly