I’ve been an enthusiastic fan of President Barack Obama (as well as Rachel Maddow).  However, to say the information in the following video disturbs me would be an understatement.

What’s your opinion?  Our new President apparently uses the “War on Terror” as a  rationale to indefinitely imprison folks who have not had a day in court or been convicted of a crime.  Remember we’re also allegedly at “War on Drugs” – so if “War” gives you permission to preemptively incarcerate folks, can we also lock up anyone who might in the future take a prescription pill without a prescription — or smoke a joint?  And anyway, doesn’t the Consitution say that only Congress can declare war?  Has Congress ever issued a declaration of war against “Terror”?  And even if it has or had issued one, would that give us authority to indefinitely detain people who might at some point commit criminal acts?  Please watch this video and then share your thoughts below.