The Time Warner Cable guy just left.  First he said there was nothing wrong with our modem.  Then he replaced it and our download speed increased from 1400 to 2561 kbps.  Look out, Internet!

Went to my favorite library yesterday (….  They’ve got this little store called the Book Nook where they sell books they’re getting rid of for cheap.  For three bucks, I picked up The Misfortunes of Virtue (by the Marquis de Sade), Days of Wrath (by Andre Malraux), The Niebelungenlied (translated by A.T. Hatto), and a big hardbound book including three novels by Sinclair Lewis (Main Street, Babbitt and Arrowsmith) — plus two books that were free: The Covenant by James Michener and Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts.  Then I checked out a whole bunch of CDs and books from the library.  The CDs include a 33-disc set featuring performances of ten complete operas by Wagner at the Bayreuth festival.  (I dislike Wagner the man, but love his music, and I’d lost all the operas when my hard drive crashed a few months ago).  The books I checked out include the Complete Poems of Paul Laurence Dunbar (again), the Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters (after Mike Finley’s recommendation) and Complete Poems 1904-1962 by e.e. cummings.  Cummings has always intrigued me and been a favorite poet.  I’ve wanted for a long time to include some of his work in the Crisis Chronicles Online Library, but his earliest collection, Tulips and Chimneys (published in 1923) is still subject to copyright, like all his later works.  The way U.S. copyright law works, if the book had been published in 1922, it would now be in the public domain and I could use it to my heart’s content.  But 1923?  No….  So I figured I’d have to wait a long while to add e.e. to the library.  I was excited to learn that this Complete Poems 1904-1962, includes a couple dozen or so “uncollected” poems — poems that were published prior to 1923’s Tulips and Chimneys in various periodicals and which are therefore in the public domain.  They’re not his best work, but some of them are good, and I’m beginning to add them to the Library.  (The first selection is Hokku, from a 1916 issue of The Harvard Monthly.)

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I visited one of my favorite blogs and found my name mentioned and site(s) “pimped.”  Check out Smith and Lady’s and see for yourself.  (For future reference, here’s a link to the specific entry:

I continue to press on with processing and posting poetry videos – recent additions to my You Tube channel and the Online Library include footage of Smith and Lady from Lix and Kix 8 (May 2009) and of Ra Washington from Tres Versing the Panda (also in May).  I lost a lot of footage when my hard drive crashed a few months ago (lost footage includes Lix and Kix 2 at the 806, Lix and Kix 7 at Bela Dubby, As We Speak at Bela Dubby, and Dianne Borsenik’s and my featured readings earlier this year in Toledo).  But I still have a lot on my computer and I’m trying to get as much of the best stuff online as quickly as possible.  Footage coming soon includes more from Pumpkin Hollow in Bellville (April 2009), Lix and Kix 8 and 9 at Visible Voice (featuring Michael Grover, Zachary Moll, Patti O’Luanaigh and Clarissa Jakobsons, as well as some of the open mics), Lix and Kix 10 at Bela Dubby (July, featuring Terry Provost, Will Northerner and Kent Brown, plus open mic), an interview with Northerner and Brown that night at my house, John Dorsey’s going away celebration/reading in Toledo (with five features and an open mic), Ray McNiece (with Marlana Patrice and Tongue in Groove) at the Barking Spider during the Hessler Street Fair, and more footage from the Tres Versing the Panda festival (including Charles Potts, Jim Lang, T.M. Göttl, Valerie Webber, Bree, George Wallace, Adam Brodsky, Adam Perry and Irene, the Charles Potts Magic Windmill Band, and Ralph LaCharity at the Barking Spider in May).  If I film your feature, I’ll try to make you a DVD of it – but I’m even further behind on those than I am the Library postings.  Please be patient – I’m working steadily and will get ’em done, but it may take a while (I’m also working on family videos from as far back as 2006).

Fri. 7 August — Gina Tabasso, Dianne Borsenik, various musicians and I will be featuring at Pumpkin Hollow Antiques & Cafe in Bellville, Ohio (south of Mansfield).  See our Facebook event page for more details.

Thurs. 13 August — Lou Suarez and Kate E. “Kaboom” Erlinger will be be featured poets at Cleveland’s Literary Cafe.  I’m hoping to be there, as I’m a fan of both but have never heard either live.

Fri. 14 August — Dianne Borsenik will be featured during the Deep Cleveland Poetry Hour at Borders Books in Strongsville, Ohio.  I’m hoping to be there and film.

Sat. 15 August — There’s a two day poetry and art festival in St. Johns, Michigan, to save the Crosby Mint Farm.  Dianne and I will be there Saturday (the first day) from noon till about 4:30 p.m., performing poetry to support the cause.  For more details, visit their Facebook event page or check out the poster at the bottom of this blog.

Tues. 18 August — Ra Washington (from Cleveland, OH), Kisha Nicole Foster (from Cleveland, OH) and Lisa Vicious™ (from Detroit, MI) — three very good poets — will be featured during the Lix and Kix Poetry Extravaganza at the Bela Dubby Art Gallery and Beer Cafe (13321 Madison Avenue) in Lakewood.  Open mic will follow.

After the above listed August readings, I think I’m going to take a break from all poetry readings besides Lix and Kix (which is every third Tuesday) for a couple of months and catch up on my writing, videos and publishing projects (I’ll be back for my featured reading at Deep Cleveland on November 13th, at least)

I’m determined to have the Crisis Chronicles Press publication Fuck Poetry (featuring 34 kickass poets – half from northern Ohio, the other half from all over) finished and available by the end of August 2009.  That said, with Geri on vacation this week, grandkids here some of that time, and a lot of readings coming up soon, I doubt I’ll even touch it til after the 18th.  But then I intend to buckle down and get it done by the 31st, even if I have to go on a Facebook and blogging hiatus (I feel the withdrawals coming on already).

After that, Crisis Chronicles Press has several chapbook projects slated for the remainder of 2009.  They include new works by Alex Gildzen (NM), Heather Ann Schmidt (MI), Yahia Lababidi (Egypt & US), Kent Brown (NY), and Cleveland legends Hart Crane and d.a. levy — along with a few more surprises.

I had more to say, but Geri, Jada and Cevon on on their way home, so I’d better wrap it up for now.  To paraphrase Steven B. Smith, I’ll “seize you on the downsize.”

Peace and poetry,