Had a great time at the Barking Spider yesterday….  Ray McNiece and his Tongue-in-Groove band performed.  Plus they backed up the open mic poets — including me, Clarissa Jakobsons, Dianne Borsenik, Matthew Estvanic, Dave Nichols, Peter Leon, Maxwell, and a Spider “virgin” named Zach Miller.  I performed Tell a Vision (from my latest chapbook, 6/9) while pianist Moss Stanley played something resembling the Cheers theme behind me (with Brian Wildman on bass and I can’t remember the drummer’s name).  Then during the “haiku” lightning round I read this (written 8/9/09):

Sitting on toilet
Thinking about your assets
Got a royal flush

Yesterday was the hottest day yet of Cleveland’s summer — funny how the hottest poetry can cool you off and the coolest poetry can heat you up….

Then again, I missed out on a fish fry at Mom’s house, of which I was totally unaware til I checked my voice mail this morning.  I’ve gotten terrible about checking my phone.  For one, the clip I used to carry it around on my belt is broken — and it’s too unwieldy to carry in my pocket.  For two, 90% of the calls on it are from computerized voices that never tell me why they’re calling.  They ask me to call them back at some one eight hundred number.  But I figure if they can’t have a real person call me, I’m not going to waste a real person’s (my) time calling them.

I also missed getting my temporary tags traded in for real license plates by the 8th.  So as soon as the bureau opens this morning, I’m gonna ride my bicycle up there to do it.  Then I have to run and get dog food (I swear they eat more than I).  And tonight I have an art book salon meeting to attend in Cleveland Heights.

Don’t forget — this coming Saturday, Dianne Borsenik and I (along with a lot of other bands and poets) will be hanging out from noon to 4:30 (and performing) at the Mint Jam benefit on the Crosby mint farm in St. Johns, Michigan.  On the way back, we’re gonna stop and read and hear some Detroit poets at the Beat Cafe (29200 Hoover Road in the suburb of Warren) at 7 p.m.  I’m looking forward to expanding my poetic horizons and meeting some folks I know only from MySpace, Facebook, and their poetry on the page.  And this will be my first foray into Michigan since my sixth grade class took a field trip to the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village around 1978.