Not used to this new (to me) car yet….  Last night I thought I had an 8th of a tank of gas left when the engine started sputtering on Interstate 90.  I pulled off at the nearest exit (Detroit Road in Rocky River) and it immediately died.  Pushed it off the main road onto a dead end side street while Geri tried calling my brother who lives in RR but was apparently in bed with his cell phone off and didn’t answer — payback, I guess, for me never answering my phone (I say with a wink).  Fortunately, our friend Dianne was heading to the same place we were (poetry night at the Literary Cafe) and came to our rescue.  Took me to Target to get a gas can and to the fuel station — both were closing when we got there (c. 10 pm), so if I’d have walked the whole way, I’d have been too late and would’ve had to search for other vendors or bang on my brother’s door and wake his ass up.

By the time the situation was resolved, I figured we’d missed the featured poets already — and I wasn’t much in the mood  for poetry anyway — so we turned around and went home.  Sorry I missed Lou Suarez and Kate E. Kaboom — was much looking forward to it — and sorry we made Dianne miss ’em, too.

Tonight we’re going to see/hear Dianne’s featured reading at Borders in Strongsville (17200 Royalton Road, 8:30 pm).  Tomorrow, Dianne, the Smiths and I are heading to Michigan for more poetry.  But you can bet your ass I’ll make sure I have plenty of gas for both!

Meanwhile, I’m reading the best book I’ve read in ages, Fernando Pessoa’s The Book of Disquiet (translated from the Portuguese by Richard Zenith).  It’s still under copyright, so I can’t share too much — but here’s “chapter” 11, which consists of a two line poem:


We never know self-realization.
    We are two abysses — a well staring at the sky.