John Burroughs – drawing (and photo of the drawing) by Timothy Herron – 21 August 2009 at the Literary Cafe

Members of Tremont’s Pretentious Artists Association draw at the Literary Cafe in Cleveland every Friday from 9 p.m. to midnight.  Last night I had the privilege and pleasure of being their model and taking home four very cool portraits by artists Timothy Herron, Larry Zuzik, Jim Gerber, and Rick Scolaro.  It was like each of them captured a unique aspect of my soul (this is the mischievous one!).  But don’t let their name fool you — they didn’t strike me as pretentious at all.  Good people….

Next time you’re at the Lit, put your name and phone number on the calendar and you, too, can be a model.  I believe their next opening is in December.  Thank you to the artists (sorry I can’t remember every name) and all the other folks who came out — as well as to Andy and Linda of the Literary Cafe for their support of this fine happening.

See the Pretentious Artists in action some Friday night at 1031 Literary Road in Cleveland —

And check out Tim Herron’s Manly Pad studio & gallery at

Peace and poetry,