[Originally posted 9/21, updated 9/25]

is a fantastic literary journal that Jen Pezzo (aka Kerowyn Rose) founded earlier this year.  It features a different poet/artist each week — and includes prime cuts of that artist’s work, along with interviews and other grooviness, in six daily posts during the week that person is featured.  I’m excited to announce that this week Mnemosyne has published several of my poems, along with segments from co-editor Christina Brooks‘ in-depth interview of me and much more.  

Here are links to all six installments:

Day One (introduction and “Karma Souptra”)
Day Two (interview part 1 and “I Hear Change”)
Day Three (interview part 2 and “Mark This”)
Day Four (interview part 3 and “Bier”)
Day Five (interview part 4 and “John Cage Engaged”)
Day Six (interview part 5 and lotsa JC news)

Follow Mnemosyne here: http://mnemosynepoetica.blogspot.com.