Last night Geri got her portrait drawn by Tremont’s Pretentious Artists (which we scheduled a long time ago and nearly forgot) at the Literary Cafe.  After getting home around one a.m., I had extreme difficulty sleeping — then my dogs, having gone out to potty way later than usual, let me stay in bed longer than usual this morning.  I didn’t set the alarm because I assumed Geri had done so, since she was supposed to work at 6 a.m. (but she called off).  When I finally got up for good, I felt like a zombie, had abdominal cramps with diarrhea, and knew I was gonna be late anyway, so I decided not to go to the Pudding House poetry workshop I attend on the second Saturday of each month.  I still had to take Geri to the license bureau, however, because she realized yesterday that her plates had expired on her birthday (9/14) and she’s been driving illegally ever since.  Here’s me feeling a wee bit better this evening, thinking about shaving my head: