“I’ve got a head like a lit cigarette.” — Bono, from U2’s “Cedars of Lebanon” (No Line on the Horizon)

Last night I wanted to write, needed to write, but couldn’t.  I had in the back of my mind (among a million other things) my recent Free Will Astrology horoscope: “To extract enough gold to make a wedding ring, a mining company must
process a ton of ore. In a similar way, many writers generate a swamp
of unusable sentences on their way to distilling the precise message
they really want to deliver. Please keep these examples in mind as you
evaluate your own recent progress, Virgo. It may seem like you’re
moving at a crawl and producing little of worth. But according to my
analysis of the omens, you’re on your way to producing the equivalent
of a gold ring.”  That seemed impossible to me — a load of shit that could nevertheless perhaps prove true if I really believed it.  But I didn’t see how I could. 
So instead I kept watching this Anton Corbijn video of one of my favorite U2 songs:


This morning I awoke with a new, real poem in my head and wrote it down — will be reading it (and more) tonight at the Morgan Conservatory, accompanied by 10-string guitar master JJ Haaz.  Jane Rosenberg LaForge of New York, Michelle Reale of Pennsylvania, Bree of Green Panda Press, and Chris Bowen of Burning River (who’s hosting the event) will be reading as well.  Our reading is supposed to begin promptly at 8 pm, but the fun will actually start (and we’ll be there) at 6 pm with performance art and other coolness, including the release of Jane’s new chapbook After Voices.  Hope to see you there!

Morgan Art of Papermaking
Conservatory & Educational Foundation
1754 E. 47th Street
Cleveland, OH 44103