[Sorry it’s taken me so long to post this on my blog — I’ve been incredibly busy, wanted to wait till I had all the details together and time to post them.  I’ll be posting more information soon — but for now, here are the basics:]

Lix and Kix and The Last Wordsmith Book Shoppe will host Snoetry: A Winter Wordfest in the historic town of North East (near Erie), Pennsylvania, on Saturday 16 January 2010. The day will begin with an hour of open mic at 1 p.m., then continue with 30-some featured poets/musicians from seven states. We’ll try to sprinkle in bits of open mic throughout the day, as time permits, and end around midnight.  Come rain, shine, or blizzard, we’ll be there!

Dianne Borsenik and John Burroughs will be the day’s emcees.
Confirmed poets/performers who’ll be featured include [list updated on 1/21 –JB]:

Lester Allen (upstate NY)
Mary Biddinger (Akron, OH)
Gary Bond (Toledo, OH)
Dianne Borsenik (Cleveland, OH)
Kent Brown (Jamestown, NY)
John Burroughs (Elyria, OH)
Cold Heart Youth (Erie, PA)
Nabina Das (Ithaca, NY)
DubbleX (New York, NY)
Aleathia Drehmer (upstate NY)
John Dorsey (Toledo, OH)
Christopher Franke (Cleveland, OH)
Steve Goldberg (Cleveland, OH)
T.M. Göttl (Brunswick, OH)
Sammy Greenspan (Cleveland Heights, OH)
Michael Grover (Toledo, OH)
JJ Haaz (10-string guitarist, northeast Ohio)
Clarissa Jakobsons (Aurora, OH)
Chuck Joy (Erie, PA)
tj jude (from NC, by way of MI)
Lady K (Cleveland, OH)
Zach King-Smith (originally from CT)
Lara Konesky (Columbus, OH)
Joy Leftow (New York, NY)
Berwyn Moore (Erie, PA)
Brian Morgante (Erie, PA)
Zachary Moll (Monroeville, OH)
Alex Nielsen (Toledo/Cleveland, OH)
Dan Provost (Worcester, MA)
David Schein (Jamestown, NY)
Wendy Shaffer (Cleveland, OH)
Dan Smith (Cleveland, OH)
Steven B. Smith (Cleveland, OH)
Carolyn Srygley-Moore (upstate NY)
Sherman LS Royal Stewart (Cleveland, OH)
Vladimir Swirynsky (Cleveland, OH)
Cee Williams (Erie, PA)

17 East Main Street
North East, Pennsylvania 16428
Phone: 814-725-9141