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Expiration Date

I have a bottle
of sleeping pills
under my attic
floor boards —
I forget the date
on them, it might
be 2007, but I’m
fairly certain the
hundred or more
tablets can still….

Maybe I’ll crush a bunch of them into lines and snort them fastasIcan
after swallowing ten or so — don’t want too many in my stomach lest 
                                                                                                                            I throw
                                                                                                                            them up.

That way if you find me in the attic —
highly unlikely since you never
go up there and won’t think
I’m home because my
car will be parked a
few blocks away
and I’ll have

note saying I’ve moved to West
Virginia and taken my Toshiba
laptop Yamaha and Korg pianos
a bag of toiletries and clothing —

and after you find me get me to the hospital in time
for them to pump out my stomach asfastastheycan

I’ll still