Issue 24 — just published this week — features art, poetry, and photos (plus a review) by thirty-some artists from around the world, including several of my favorites.  I’m thrilled to be in such company, and in such a beautifully conceived and executed publication (thanks and many kudos to editor/publisher Lady K!).  Contributors include: Bro Vic, Cathleen Daly, Geoffrey Landis, Steve Goldberg, Nick Traenkner, Charles Spano, Steve Thomas, Mary Weems, Wednesday Kennedy, J Williams, Max, Jerie Green, George Wallace, Andrew Boerum, Mike Finley, Kimmydbones, Joe Balaz, Mark Kuhar, Christine M. Brooks, Cheryl Townsend, Herbert, Marcus Bales, Heller Levinson, Michael Grover, Jim Lang, Larry Smith, Mary Hughes, Peter Leon, Andrew Boerum, Robert Scotto (with Yuyutsu RD Sharma), Lady K, Steven B. Smith, and me.  Wow!  Check it out at www.thecitypoetry.com.