I’ve got this brown leather journal I call Compost Pile 2009-2010.  Here’s a short piece from it, written in October 2009, around the same time I wrote a poem called “Both, er…” — which I thought I’d already blogged but now can’t find online (maybe I’ll post it next).  I added the last word to this poem on 10/16 (at first it ended with “Be”) and the title today.

(Ain’t Too Proud to Be) Egg

Bang bleed
Blank it
Be itch
Be scratch
Be hatched

Yeah, now you know why it’s in the Compost Pile.

Here’s another (written 15 July 2009 at LCCC’s Spitzer Conference Center) that’s more finished — though its merit remains debatable.  The last word was originally “Struggling,” but I changed it on 6 August.  Its best line (arguably) was stolen from Robert Fripp, who (I discovered today) stole it from Prince Far I:


I don’t see clearly
Minding the child within
Understanding only obliquely
Under heavy manners

Here’s a page from Compost Pile 2009-2010 with early versions of 2 poems you might recognize from my blog