Dig the new William Merricle poem I posted in the Online Library today: Gather.  Four more coming soon!

I found Paul McCartney’s Chaos and Creation in the Backyard around 2005.  I’ve always gotten Paul’s albums as soon as they came out — but this was the first time in many years that I was not only not somewhat disappointed, but actually had my high expectations exceeded.  A fantastic album on many levels — I daresay one of my favorite five post prison records.  Here’s one song that shows why:

But that’s not the song I started out wanting to share.  Here’s one I just discovered this morning — apparently it was a bonus track from Chaos and Creation, though it wasn’t on the version I borrowed from the Westlake Porter Public Library and ripped to my computer in 2005.  Anyway, though it’s not as “perfect” a song as “Riding to Vanity Fair,” I rather like it and find it fitting in the wake of the Identity Crisis video I posted on this blog yesterday.

Since 2005, Paul’s created some of his best solo works ever (one of them under a pseudonym, The Fireman).  I highly recommend all of these: