The first version of this poem (12 syllables) dates from 11/23/2009, while I was still reading/pondering Charles Baudelaire’s Intimate Journals.  I expanded it to 24 syllables and gave it a title on 11/24, before pruning it down to 17-syllables (5-7-5) later that night.  I then submitted it to Lilliput Review, a favorite indie publication that favors smaller poems — one reason I didn’t blog it immediately.  But since their editor has decided not to use it, today, inspired by my stumbling upon some visual poetry published by Avantacular Press, I decided to try some of my own.  I tweaked the punctuation of my “High Ku for C.B.” slightly, played with an old black and white photo of the French poet and turned it into this:

Read the first half of Baudelaire’s Intimate Journals here — and read the second half here.