Thanks to everyone who made our 2nd Annual Lix and Kix St. Patrick’s Day Poetry Party at Bela Dubby a success — our featured performers (Zach Ashley, Sammy Greenspan and Trenchcoat Manifesto), my co-host Dianne Borsenik, those who shared at the open mic, and the other friends and strangers who gave and received good vibes, both in person and from afar.  Here are a few photos from that night — more are available in my Facebook album and in Dianne’s.

poet Zach Ashley from Hazel Park, Michigan  [photo by JC]

poet from Sammy Greenspan from Cleveland Heights, Ohio  [photo by JC]

poet Tom Adams and musician Richard Hearn of Trenchcoat Manifesto  [photo by JC]

co-hosts Dianne Borsenik and John “Jesus Crisis” Burroughs  [photo by JC]

This morning I added the six pieces that comprise Oscar Wilde’s Poems in Prose (1894) to the Crisis Chronicles Online Library.  That makes a grand total of 58 Wilde works in the library, including pretty much all of his poetry except for about a couple dozen pieces from “The Fourth Movement” in The Complete Oscar Wilde (which I will add eventually, along with all of his stories and plays).  But for now I’m taking a break from Wilde and will tomorrow (or later today) begin posting video clips from Snoetry: A Winter Wordfest in the library.  Check for frequent additions.

Regarding my other day’s Sick Morning Rambling: Mom’s surgery went well, she came home yesterday and has sounded better and better each time I’ve talked with her on the phone.  I began antibiotics yesterday and feel 80% over my cold/lepro(chan)sy this morning.  Thanks for your well wishes!

Peace, love and poetry,