[Copied from the Crisis Chronicles Press blog, because I get more viewers here:]

A revision and reprint of my longest poem, first published in 2008 as a part of the Poet’s Haven Episode #8 podcast and in print as part of the February 2009 Green Panda Press chapbook Identity Crises (currently sold out), Crisis Chronicles Press’ latest publication is Identity Crisis [CC#8, 2010], seen with me in the photo above.

I tweaked and printed it up in time to hand it out free to everyone who attended my reading hosted by the Brunswick Art Works at Dunkin Donuts on February 11th.  I also handed it out free to everyone who attended February’s meeting of the Pudding House Salon in Cleveland Heights, and I’ll be including it for free (while supplies last) with every order from Crisis Chronicles Press.

To all who are still awaiting our last/next publication, Fuck Poetry [CC#7] – despair not.  It is (appropriately enough for a publication with that title) indeed coming – and with it is coming a complimentary copy of Identity Crisis.  We will serve no lines before their time.  But we will serve them.

Meanwhile, we’re also publishing scores of poems and poetry videos in the Crisis Chronicles Online Library.