Moving a lot of stuff to my basement (a process I’ve resumed since yesterday, when the landlord finally got our electrical breaker fixed so the lights down there — not to mention the kitchen stove and microwave — work again), I keep discovering things I forgot I had — like this poem.  I wrote it on a flyer while watching Ki Allen, aka Lady Jazz (her first name rhymes with eye) perform at Lakewood Park on July 12th 2009.  Ki Allen was my MySpace friend for a couple of years before we finally got to see and hear her perform that day.  She’s unique and familiar at the same time, very talented, and I dig her CD Calling Card (a collaboration with Bob Fraser).  Here’s the poem (slightly tweaked this morning) — I think it works best if you pronounce the article the in it like thee instead of thuh.  Maybe one day I’ll expand it into a full-length song, with this as the chorus.

Lady Jazz

Lay the jazz at my feet
Lay your feet at my jazz
Lay my hat at the feet of the has to
Next to the has you
Next to the razzamatazz
Jazz in you

* * *
Hear a couple Ki Allen tracks for free at

See and hear her perform live at the Bop Stop in Cleveland on April 17th 2010.

Visit her website at and buy Ki Allen & Bob Fraser’s Calling Card here.