I wrote “A Poem Like John Dorsey” this morning — but since it still needs a little tweaking, I’ll share an older piece with you instead.  Even though I’m posting all the other Snoetry poetry videos in the Online Library, I always feel uncomfortable posting my own pieces there — usually think they belong on my blog instead, for whatever reason.

I didn’t intend to record myself at Snoetry.  Since I only had six hours of space on my camera’s built-in hard drive for a twelve-hour festival, I was more concerned with recording the other poets, some of whom I’d never heard live before and might never have the opportunity to record again.  But apparently I neglected to turn the camera off when I sat it on the counter after Dianne Borsenik‘s performance of “Incontinence” with 10-string guitarist JJ Haaz — and so I inadvertantly captured this short clip of me and JJ.  Not my best performance of the night, but nevertheless interesting to discover….

Here’s a description I posted with the video on You Tube:

Elyria author John Burroughs, aka Jesus Crisis, reads his scatological short poem “Can Do,” accompanied by Cleveland 10-string guitarist JJ Haaz, at the Last Wordsmith Book Shoppe in North East, Pennsylvania, during Snoetry: A Winter Wordfest on 16 January 2010.  JC decided to read this piece after the bathroom door’s proximity to the poetry microphone became a running joke through the daylong festival.  Since no one was holding the camera, JC appears headless here. Find JJ Haaz at http://jjhaaz.com – find Jesus Crisis at http://crisischronicles.com – and find event producers Lix and Kix at http://www.myspace.com/lixandkix