Face bashed
teeth smashed
truth takes a tumble too
in Elyria

Mayor Bill Grace says
the closing of Wal Mart
near the Midway Mall
should not be seen
as a sign the area is failing

This on the heels of the closing of
Michael’s near the Midway Mall
Friday’s and Bennigan’s
next to the Midway Mall
a couple of buffets
a steakhouse
El  Jarabe bar and grill
J.B. Robinson
Steve and Barry’s
Buddy’s Carpets
Borders Express
Circuit City
T.J. Maxx
Pizza Hut
and even McDonald’s
by or in the Midway Mall.

I could go on
and so
I suspect
will the closings

I don’t want to foot the Bill
but it seems obvious
this battle of Midway is lost
and hell
Mayor full of Grace
I think you’re full
of something else

          — John Burroughs, a.k.a. Jesus Crisis,
                    inspired by an article in the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram