I thought I lost this when my hard drive crashed forever last year.  Fortunately, as I’ve recently discovered, my video editing software (on another drive) somehow saved a copy.  I’ve had neither the time nor mind since learning of Grandma’s death the other day to go through all my footage recorded during her 2006 birthday party in Richwood, West Virginia. but here’s a very short clip feauring Grandma Audra Mae Smith Burroughs, her daughter (my aunt) Mary, one of her grandsons, one of her great granddaughters, and a great great grandchild. 

Thanks for all your kindnesses to me and my family during this time.  Geri and I are off to West Virginia this morning.  Grandma’s wake is this evening, her funeral tomorrow at 2, and the church she attended is holding a dinner in her memory afterward.  I doubt I’ll have time for or access to the internet, but I should be back in Elyria Thursday evening.