You’ve heard us say
it before — but I really believe last night’s Lix and Kix was one of
the best ever.  Featured poets Joshua
, Lara Konesky, and Dan Smith (acccompanied by Miles Budimir
on drums, Morgan Ellington on bass and trumpet and Joanne Cornelius on
groovy video/projection work) were fantastic — not to mention the
fabulous open mic.   I’ll post pics and videos ASAP on Facebook, on You Tube
and in the Crisis
Chronicles Online Library

Oh, and I learned today who the other featured poet is who’ll be
appearing with me when I read at the Phoenix
on June 26th.  It’s Joey Pompignano, who (based on what I’ve seen on You Tube — though all such
comparisons, however flattering, rarely do either artist justice)
reminds me of an Italian Zach Ashley.  Anyway, it’s always a pleasure to
hear and read with someone new (to me) and good.  There’ll be an open
mic, too — so be prepared to spit if you’re so inclined.

26 June2010 at 7 p.m. —
Joey Pompignano and John Burroughs
(a.k.a. Jesus Crisis), will be the featured poets during Write On! at
the Phoenix
, 2287 Lee Road in Cleveland Heights.  Open mic and
maybe jazz music included.