I am

sitting next to words I can’t hear
hearing words I can’t sit next to
day dreaming
nearly nodding

I still

reach to my right
grab a random book from the shelf
notice its Ferlinghetti title
Wild Dreams of a New Beginning
open it at random to page 22 slash 23
“Snapshot Epiphany”

I am now

contemplating my great effort
to break away from using gerunds
realizing how difficult it can be
to resume 
recalling that point 22 is a gun
that 23 is a Cavalier small forward
and famed Bull shooting guard

I find myself

putting the book back
on its black shelf with Homer and Frost
distracted by deep impressions
depressed to my distraction
unsuccessfully resisting an impulse
to rhyme with satisfaction

the poem is not really

I am still now

— John Burroughs, Independence Day Eve 2010