We’re leaving at 9:30 a.m., heading to Dublin so I can pick up the journal I forgot there on the way home from Gary’s memorial service, then through Athens so we
can scope out the Italian restaurant where Dianne and I are scheduled to
read in May, and finally down to my hometown Richwood, West Virginia. I’m packed, but can’t start
loading the car yet because everyone’s asleep in the living room. I’ll
have to soon, before Dianne and James Borsenik (who are traveling with me and Geri) arrive.

The annual Cherry River Festival will be happening in Richwood through Saturday.  Dianne and I will be bursting out of the crowd and sharing poetry at noon on the last day, maybe with no warning to the unsuspecting crowd beyond the tee-shirts emblazoned “OHIO POET” that we’ll be wearing.  We’re also contemplating riding the Cass Scenic Railroad, taking in the West Virginia state fair, and exploring what’s being billed as the world’s largest garage sale (taking up two counties) around Buckhannon.  But who knows?  I’ll be content to sit on the porch, read, and write poetry.