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In slightly over 2 years, I’ve also posted 1893 items in the Crisis Chronicles Online Library.

And in the past 2 years, Crisis Chronicles Press has published 8 chapbooks, including one that isn’t totally assembled and has yet to be distributed.  (Click here to see an update on my separate CC Press blog).

Despite going through tons of email this morning, there are still 12477 unread messages in my Crisis Chronicles inbox.

There are lots of things I want to write about — also too many events I want or feel I need to attend, too many creative tasks I need to finish and new ones I want to begin, too much house cleaning to do, too much death and sickness around me lately, and almost never a moment of silence.   I’m in the process of trying to evaluate, prioritize, recalibrate, and recharge — all while I finish what needs finished.

Just in the nick of time, all four grandkids began school today and the adults are gone for a few hours and their never say die TV is off and I find this rare spell of silence to be exactly what I need.  I’m taking advantage of the quiet and empty house to accomplish hundreds of small tasks, working on eliminating some of the unnecessary clutter in my life and environment — and when I’m done, I’ll be nowhere near caught up.  But chances are I’ll also have tomorrow.