Coffee starved
no need for sex
or drugs or on
this rare occasion
rock and roll
beyond caffeine.

If only you knew what you knew you knew and I knew too
maybe we could see what we see and be freely

I feel I need to disclaim every word
not necessarily the ones I said but
the ones you thought you heard
the ones who went to hell with
you & back via chimney sack
to Santa Fe or some other
western town because
sometimes they all
look the same to
someone like
me who has
never been
west of
except once or twice across the border in Auburn, Indiana

What would you say if I said what I said without qualification
instead of without quality or at least the quality you might desire?

What would you think if I stunk like a skunk and broke out
of my funk only to find my way into another zoo that might
or might not have anything to do with you or me either?

Maybe I just need a breather.

What would you want if wanting it all ensured nothing was had
and everything was bad between us and beyond?

What if I told you I love you and meant it and it was still not enough
and life was still rough around the edges and we still had to live
in hedges and hmms and hems and haws and oblique caterwauls?

And what if a moment is all we need
to see that I am you and you are me
and we have always been both
many and one?