One of my early birthday presents was a copy of Lynn Powell’s new book Framing Innocence: A Mother’s Photographs, a Prosecutor’s Zeal, and a Small Town’s Response [2010, The New Press], which I picked up at the author’s book release reading at First Church in Oberlin earlier this month.

Lynn Powell signs Framing Innocence in Oberlin – 9/13/2010 – photo by John Burroughs

I’ve since gotten to read it, and must say it’s the best non-fiction book I’ve read this year.  Of course I’m partial. The story involves the very same zealous prosecutor(s) who put me in prison in 1993, but happens seven years later.  I won’t say much more here — I’d rather you read the book and draw your own conclusions.  It’s the true story of a woman who was charged with child pornography and faced 16 years in prison for taking a couple of innocuous photos of her eight-year-old daughter in a bathtub.  Read more about Lynn Powell’s Framing Innocence at, and then please read the book.