Yesterday I finally broke down and called my GI doctor’s office (no, his name is not Joe).  He’s the one who scoped my esophagus and colon five years ago (before I was 40) and diagnosed me with diverticulosis and Barrett’s.  A couple of weeks ago, the day after the last Lix, when I was coming down with some sort of cold/flu, there was blood — both new (bright red) and old (looked like coffee grounds) — in my vomit.  Since then I’ve had a persistent (it used to be only occasional) feeling like there’s a golf ball lodged beneath my sternum.  So yesterday I called the GI guy and he definitely wants to give me another colonoscopy and endoscopy (already had in my chart that I was supposed to have at least the first one before he heard of the new symptoms).  But since I’ve been having chest pain, he won’t do it until my “family doctor” (who I’ve only seen once) checks me for heart problems.  The same thing happened five years ago, and the experts who administered my stress test then said I had one of the healthiest hearts they’d ever seen.  So I know it’s not my heart.  I’m far less “in shape” than I was then, but I can still run five plus miles, maybe ten plus, with no problem at all.  I’m seeing the family doc this afternoon only because I have to before the GI doc will root around inside me.  I don’t really want to, but I’m tired of the discomfort and worry and finally less afraid to go than I am to let it go further.