Exactly two months ago, I announced on this blog that I’d attended (and won) my first ever poetry slam competition during Canton’s First Friday Poetry Spectacular on August 6th.  The event’s organizer and emcee, Vertigo Xi’an Xavier, has now posted video highlights from that evening on YouTube and I’m happy to share his footage with you now.  This clip includes four poems.  First is a piece by that night’s featured poet, Phoenix Andre Clouden.  Next come the three highest placing pieces in the subsequent slam: by Blu Lewis (3rd place), Dan Nicholson (2nd) and me.

Visit Canton’s First Friday Poetry Spectacular the first Friday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Kathleen Howland Theater (below the 2nd April Galerie), 324 Cleveland Avenue NW in Canton, Ohio. Their usual format includes (not necessarily in this order) a featured poet, an open mic, and a poetry slam with cash prizes.

Peace and poetry,