Whether today or yesterday is my and Geri’s 5th anniversary depends on who you ask.  Our marriage certificate says one date and our photo albums say another.  But we got married on a Monday at the Nicholas County Courthouse in Summersville, West Virginia, and the courthouse isn’t open on Sundays, so the date of the certificate (which is a Sunday) can’t be right.  Either way, it both seems llike yesterday and seems like a million years ago.

The Lix & Kix Poetry Extravaganza I co-host with Dianne Borsenik celebrated an anniversary this week as well.  We began the series in October 2008 at the 806 Wine & Martini Bar in Cleveland.  Dianne and I were the featured poets that first time — I also took my keyboard and played and sang some original songs — and four brave souls shared poetry during that evening’s open mic. 

This past week, we celebrated the second anniversary of Lix with two events.  On Wednesday 10/20, Cleveland poets Jim Lang and Ben Gulyas anchored our second annual “Fuck the Format, Get in Where You Fit in, Open Mic Free for All.”  And on Friday 10/22, we featured poetry by Smith and Lady, Alex Nielsen, and NYC’s Puma Perl — plus soul-infused hard rock by Mad Anthony of Cincinnati.  Both events were quite different from each other and from what we usually do at Lix, except in these common respects: they were energetic, inspired and inspiring.  It seems the poets also helped raise enough money to resuscitate the Homeless Grapevine.  Kix ass!  Thank you!

Click here to see the 1st half of my 10/20 Lix pix.
Click here to see the 2nd half of my 10/20 Lix pix.
Click here to see my 10/22 Lix pix.

And here’s Dianne’s video of Puma Perl, Shelley Chernin and me dancing to Mad Anthony‘s “Teeth” on Friday: