A poem I wrote at Marion Correctional institution on 8 May 1996 was just published in the UK.  It appears in Indigo Dreams’ Winter 2010 anthology Visible Breath, available here: http://www.indigodreams.co.uk/#/visible-breath/4539214329.  I wrote this poem back before I was the relentless reviser I now tend to be. Then, I’d often write one and abandon it, largely because I believed the poem was writing itself through me (the hubris!) and that I shouldn’t intrude on it with any second guessing.  Nowadays, however, I look at most of my old “inspired” poems and think they need chiseled and buffed before they can really show off any gemliness they might possess.  In a burst of apparent insanity (or genius, though I’m inclined to believe the former), I submitted this poem, entitled “Past Present Future Tense,” to Indigo Dreams in its raw 1996 form, resisting a strong urge to purge it of its acrostic form and, at the very least, drastically revise its line breaks.  This was, I suppose, a nod to my old way of letting the poem be without my interference — though still I wonder whether I should have shaken my head instead and chiseled away.