Today, Sunday 11/28/2010, from 1 to 3 p.m. I’ll be hosting Poetry Elyria featuring Elise Geither and Lady K at Jim’s Coffeehouse, 2 Kerstetter Way (the old Lake Avenue) in Elyria, Ohio.

I love the work of both these writers.  Dianne Borsenik and I had Elise read for the fourth Lix and Kix ever, back in January 2009 at the 806 Wine and Martini Bar in Cleveland.  She shared several of her poetic monologues,  which I thought phenomenal.  Unfortunately, I had camera issues that night — so it was one of the few Lix events I did not capture on video.  Two months later, our friend Ken Kitt captured her reading an untitled poem at our new venue, Bela Dubby in Lakewood.  Elise possesses unique talent — and I’m very excited about hearing her again.

Elise Geither at Bela Dubby in Lakewood, Ohio on 3/17/2009
footage courtesy of PoetryVidz

I met Lady K and her husband Smith when I was blogging on MySpace back in 2007.  They were among the folk who inspired and encouraged me to attend my first poetry reading.  Lady has read for us three times previously — Lix and Kix at Visible Voice Books in April 2009, Snoetry: A Winter Wordfest in January 2010, and a special Friday night Lix and Kix at bela Dubby last month.  I’m thrilled to have her read for us again.  One never knows what to expect from Lady, as she always intelligently pushes the boundaries of poetry and art where no one has gone — and that’s part of what makes her work so special.  Dianne and I have also performed from the same stage as Smith and Lady during Feed the Gays 2 in Cleveland and on a 2009 road trip to Michigan, where I captured this video:

Lady K at the Beat Cafe in Warren, Michigan on 8/15/2009

See/hear Elise Geither & Lady K today!