I’m not sure what the best title for this is.  All I keep thinking of are musical references — “Stoned immaculate” by Jim Morrison; “Not necessarily stoned, but beautiful” by Jimi Hendrix (or my variation: not necessarily beautiful, but stoned); “Too Rolling Stoned” by Robin Trower; and even “I get by with a little help from my friends” (don’t ask).  I will say, however, and quite honestly, that I haven’t smoked marijuana in many years — so the stoned references aren’t about that (to me, that’s obvious, but maybe not to others).  I don’t have anything against weed — but to think this poem has anything to do with it misses the point(s).


sometimes the best I
can manage is to finger
a single small stone

dealing with pushy
boulders can be such a fuss
though I’m no sissy