Lately, I haven’t had a chance to blog about a lot of things I’ve wanted to blog about because I’ve been spending nearly every waking moment either with the four grandkids who live with us or working on a zillion poetry events.  This month alone, I had five PoetryElyria events, a featured reading in Bellville, a Lix and Kix event in Lakewood, a featured reading and series launch in Avon Lake, and — tomorrow (January 28th) at the Lorain Arts Council’s new gallery at 737 Broadway in Lorain, Ohio — In Verse Lorain: A Poetry and Performing Arts Extravaganza.

Yes, you read the poster right.  We’ll have poetry, music, dance, and drama.  Featured performers will include Nepali poet Yuyutsu R.D. Sharma, Tom Adams of Trenchcoat Manifesto, poet Marilyn Oliveras de Ortiz, dance music duo La Mariposa (Amy Compton) and Mike McNamara, quatro musician Pepe Rivera, Puerto-Rican song and dance ensemble Manancique, and Lorain County poets Eric Anderson, Robert Miltner, Dianne Borsenik, Shelley Chernin, Elise Geither, Julissa Reyes and me (with my electric piano).  Accompanying us will be an exhibit of multi-media art by members of the Lorain Arts Council.  It all begins at 6 p.m. with a meet-and-greet — coffee, snacks and other refreshments will be available.  Should be a lot of fun….

Yuyutsu is making the most of his time in northern Ohio.  He’ll also be reading with Katie Daley at Mac’s Backs in Cleveland Heights on Saturday night and then joining us for PoetryElyria (with co-features Geoffrey Landis and Bonné de Blas) on Sunday afternoon at Jim’s Coffeehouse and Diner.

Yuyutsu will also be reading during the opening night (February 2nd) of Snoetry 2: A World Record Winter Wordfest at Jim’s Coffeehouse and Diner.  Snoetry 2 will be a 150 hour poetry reading — and I’ll try to post a full schedule of who’s reading when as soon as possible.  If you’re interested in a half hour featured poet slot during Snoetry (and I haven’t already talked with you), please let me know ASAP either in the comments below or via email (

I’ve also been working on getting many other February events set up — because I’ll be able to do nothing but Snoetry for at least a week.  So get thee behind me, Satan — you’ll find no idle hands here.