Yesterday morning, Jamie’s car wouldn’t start, so I drove her to work in Oberlin.  On the way, I was surprised to see new signs posted in downtown Elyria notifying me that bicycling downtown is now prohibited.  I can certainly understand why they’d outlaw littering, kinda understand why they’d prohibit jaywalking, and even be willing to give serious consideration to their prohibition of skateboarding downtown.  But green, functional, healthy bicycling?!?…

And have you heard of the North Coast Inland Trail bicycling path?

So I took my video camera downtown today — and made the following two videos: one short and featuring music by the Beastie Boys, the other long and featuring a somewhat impromptu rambling rant by yours truly while I ran up and down the street.

UPDATE: The signs are new, but the ordinance is old — and it only applies to sidewalks, not streets. Too bad the signs say “No Bicycling” (period) and do not mention sidewalks.  They are thus misleading.

Here’s the actual ordinance: “No operator of a bicycle or skateboard shall be permitted to operate his or her bicycle or skateboard in the Ely Square area or on the sidewalks in the downtown business area from East Bridge Street to West Bridge Street on Broad Street, on Middle Avenue and Court Street from Broad Street to Third Street, East Avenue from Depot Street to Third Street, and West Avenue from Tremont Street to Third Street.” (Ord. 89-164. Passed 7-17-89.)