Thanks to Christina Brooks for recording and posting this video of me reading three poems last night (4/28/2011) at the Slow Train Cafe in Oberlin, Ohio.  Thanks to all the poets, new and old friends, Oberlin College students and sundry others who contributed their energy and presence to what turned out to be a beautiful event.  Thanks especially to the Slow Train Cafe for being so groovy and to emcee Meeko Israel for putting this fine happening together and inviting me to be a part of it.

Mercy Less first appeared on my blog (4/14/2011).

Way Erred Scenes inside a Jazz Mine first appeared on my blog (12/20/2009) and subsequently in What I Knew Before I Knew, an anthology of poems from the Pudding House Salon-Cleveland workshop (edited by Sammy Greenspan and published by Pudding House Publications in 2010).

Bier first appeared (9/23/2009) in the online magazine Mnemosyne, founded by Jen Pezzo and co-edited by Christina Brooks.