My friends Lynne Hayes and Cornelius Bent recently put together a unique project called Snapshots of the Drop. (Click that link to read details on Facebook.)  For this endeavor I submitted, and they included, a poem called “Art Achoke.”

The fruits of their project include the publication of (so far) seven volumes of “take-it-to-the-street-poetry,” available online and in print, called Force Fed. Some great work in it….

My poem appears in Volume 3 (click here to read it).  But I encourage you to go further and read every volume (available here) when you have a chance.  I love the whole Snapshots of the Drop concept and my proverbial hat’s off to Lynne and CB for making it happen.   Maybe there will be more.  But in a way, there already is, since publication isn’t an end to itself and the passing on remains.  Stay tuned!