…commingle in a recent review of Yahia Lababidi’s new book Fever Dreams, finally available this month (after a two-year gestation) from Crisis Chronicles Press.  Here’s an excerpt:

Fever Dreams is a beautiful work in its own right, but it is also an unusual opportunity for people who want to cross the bridge between Robert Frost and T.S. Eliot. This ebook and printed collection is ideal for people who want to be able to go deeper into poetry, but who also want to be able to follow the breadcrumbs home when the forest gets too dark.”

Read more at Suite101: Review of Fever Dreams by Yahia Lababidi | Suite101.com http://www.suite101.com/content/review-of-fever-dreams-by-yahia-lababidi-a378041#ixzz1R3EC8tyx

See a 12-page preview of the book (and order a copy, if you’re inclined) at http://press.crisischronicles.com.