Blue Graffiti is a new collection of Dianne Borsenik‘s best haiku/senryu.  A careful hand creation, this 34-page chapbook is saddle stitched, uses high quality cotton paper and features cover art by Steven Smith.  A feast for both the eyes and mind, Blue Graffiti is available for only $5 US from Crisis Chronicles Press, 420 Cleveland Street, Elyria, Ohio 44035.  You may also order via PayPal.

Dianne Borsenik, a former flower child and current redhead, lives with husband James near Elyria, Ohio’s beautiful Cascade Park, where she found the “blue graffiti.” She has had poems and haiku published in a number of journals and anthologies, including Rosebud, Slipstream, Haiku World: An International Poetry Almanac and The Magnetic Poetry Book of Poetry. With poetry partner John Burroughs, she co-produces/co-hosts the Lix & Kix Poetry Extravaganza and Snoetry: A Winter Wordfest series.  Find her at

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CC#11 — 
Blue Graffiti by Dianne Borsenik (2011)
CC#10 — 
Fever Dreams by Yahia Lababidi (2011)
CC#9 —
Transient Angels by Heather Ann Schmidt (2011)
CC#8 —
Identity Crisis by Jesus Crisis (2010)
CC#7 —
Fuck Poetry (anti-censorship anthology) by various authors (2011)
CC#6 —
The Bat’s Love Song: American Haiku by Heather Ann Schmidt (2009)
CC#5 —
Suburban Monastery Death Poem by d.a. levy (2009)
CC#4 —
Elyria: Point A in Ohio Triangle by Alex Gildzen (2009)
CC#3 —
6/9: Improvisations in Dependence by Jesus Crisis (2009)
CC#2 —
HardDrive/SoftWear by Dianne Borsenik (2009)
CC#1 —
Bloggerel by Jesus Crisis (2008)

Plus we intend to publish at least three more titles by the end of 2011.  Anyone who donates (or has donated) $200 or more to the press is automatically considered a lifetime subscriber and will receive a copy of each future Crisis Chronicles Press publication as a token of our immense gratitude.  Since I plan to keep publishing for many years, I believe this will turn out to be a fantastic bargain.

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