As editor/publisher/poolboy of Crisis Chronicles Press, I am pleased to announce our publication of a new chapbook (his 12th or 13th — I’ve lost count) by Cleveland Heights author Michael Bernstein.  It features the text of his two poetic multimedia pieces, “Fracture Mechanics” (which, you may recall, he performed with poet T.M. Göttl and guitarist Will Merchant at the 18 May 2011 Lix and Kix Poetry Extravaganza) and “TRAP DOORS” (which, as far as I know, has not yet been performed live, though we are working on scheduling something soon).  These dynamic works meld collaboration and improvisation with Bernstein’s surreal post-urban mindscapes in intriguing fashion.  You can buy the chapbook for only $4 from Crisis Chronicles Press, 3344 W. 105th Street #4, Cleveland, OH 44111.  Or order online via PayPal.

A friend on Facebook marveled at how quickly we were able to publish Fracture Mechanics / TRAP DOORS, and I made these comments in response:

  • John Burroughs Believe it or not, there were a few [Crisis Chronicles chapbooks] that took me around two years to publish. But that was when I was hosting a lot more events and we had four grandchildren living with us.

    Friday at 10:13am

  • John Burroughs Bernstein’s book was 16 days from submission to publication. But it helped that it’s a relatively short chap and when it came to me I was already familiar with the lion’s share of the work, having recently seen him perform it.

    Friday at 10:33am

  • John Burroughs Plus the press’ next two publishing projects were bigger, required more capital, and I was not yet ready/able to proceed with them. So it was a perfect storm of sorts that made the speedy publication of this fine chapbook both possible and feasible.

    Friday at 10:42am

  • John Burroughs Ironically, I wasn’t even officially accepting submissions when he sent it to me. Just proves what folk say about “nothing ventured”…

    Friday at 10:54am

    Michael Bernstein is a Chicago-born writer and musician. He is the author of 12 chapbooks, including 8bitskulls, the Fire District, and Well. His work has appeared in publications such as New American Writing, milk, Moria, and BlazeVOX. With Michael Crake, he edits the online literary arts magazine Pinstripe Fedora. Michael currently resides in Cleveland Heights, OH with his partner and fellow poet, Suzanne Savickas.

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    Michael Bernstein 1/23/2011 at Jim’s Coffeehouse in Elyria, Ohio