Looking for short poems to submit to the 100 Thousand Poets for Change edition of MUST microzine, published by Lynn Alexander, I came across my 7/23/2011 blog Dream Song(s) 1 and/or 2 Unedited, featuring 1/2/3 (I wasn’t sure which) unfinished poems — and decided to finish them.  I think I might’ve missed the deadline because my brain is usually going in dozens of directions at once.  But here’s how the poems now stand:

Unwhet Dream

Covered with smashed
wild eyed pilgrims
masses of incomprehension
yes just want to get
out of their way.
Soul percent of the city
under forced labor
fractured with unknowing
brown cobweb languages
the only witnesses.

Unwed Dream

I drank the whole bottle
knowing we
cannot know all
each other.
I’m cruising
for a brew sin,
used to walk about
with a group to pull
ourselves past to the end,
now half laughing
hapless visionaries
murmuring who and how.

[Note: I just now, 12/15/2011, revised the 2nd poem to match the version I’m submitting to Recycled Karma Press as part of my Water Works manuscript.]