The publication of our two latest Crisis Chronicles Press chapbooks — the melody, i swear, its just around that way by Bree and Grace, You Let the Screen Door Slam by William Merricle — has me nearly orgasmic.   Shameless promotion?  Perhaps… but true nonetheless.


If you wanna buy an individual chapbook, click the titles above.  But for a limited time, because I’m desperate for cash, you can receive both of these books, plus copies of Burnin’ Shadows by Kevin Eberhardt, Fracture Mechanics / TRAP DOORS by Michael Bernstein, Unruly by Steven B. Smith and my own chapbook Electric Company (published by Writing Knights Press) and broadside For Change Is (published by NightBallet Press) — if you’re counting, that’s six chapbooks and one broadside, a $31 value (not to mention postage) — for a mere $25 (with free postage).  Just click the Buy Now button below and make it happen. I will be grateful!