A never before seen or heard poem of mine, “Align,” begun in 2008 and finished the day I submitted it, this fall, appears in an anthology just published by northern Ohio’s own True Colors Press. Other poets represented in The Artistic Muses: Inspiration from Various Poets include Tom Adams, Jameson Bayles, Dianne Borsenik, Shelley Chernin, Catherine Criswell, Suzy Dean, Dan Doughtry, Charlie Guzman, Jim Higo, Andrew Hooper, Shawn Leckey, Pietros Maneos, Terry McGoldrick, Micheál O’Coinn, Antonio Palomo-Lamarca, Siddartha Pierce, Heather Ann Schmidt, Craig Scott, J.E. Stanley, Vladimir Swirynsky, Douglas Turner Jr., Caili Wilk, Eva Xanthopoulos & Catherine Zickgraf. At under seven dollars, you can’t beat it.  Check out a preview here and then buy it if you’re so inclined.

Official website: http://www.theartisticmuse.com