Despite never feeling I have enough time to read, I’m always in the middle of several books at once.  One of these that stands out at present is Christina Brooks‘ recently published A Thousand Voices: a city shaman’s notebook, which I gratefully received as a Christmas present before I had an opportunity to procure a copy from the author or publisher in person.  Sure, I’ve known Christina for over four years and she’s done so much for the poetry community in general and Crisis Chronicles in particular.  Sure, it’s great to see kind words about me in the dedication.  Sure, her chapbook features stunning cover art by Steven B. Smith (you know I love his work because I’ve used it for the covers of five Crisis Chronicles Press titles). And sure, A Thousand Voices includes a whopping 50-or so poems, including several inspired by my Lorain County and even a poem of Christina’s that I published last year in the Crisis Chronicles anti-censorship anthology Fuck Poetry.  But there are more reasons than these for me (and you) to want to read this collection of poetry.  Visit The Poet’s Haven, procure a copy and find out for yourself.